A Preface to Your Melaleuca Presentation

by patrickcoleman on November 4, 2010

Preface to the Presentation: Remember, it’s often what you don’t say that makes a good presentation- You don’t need to be detailed with every page.  Some pages you can almost skip over, or just read off the page. 

You Need to have some products with you for people to sample: Access bar, crackers, or Renew etc.

*Notice: You are giving them a choice to be a preferred customer, or become an Earner.  You are also purposely introducing the monthly shopping element from the beginning.

“Ok, get comfortable. I’m gonna share with you a lot of information today, but it’s really this Simple:

When you see this presentation today, you will only have 2 decisions to make (show them 2 fngers):

The first is, “Do you wanna be a customer?” and here’s the way that works:

It’s really cool cause all you do is pay a one-time membership fee, of $29, and you simply go shopping at least once a month for 3, 4, 5, 6 products, whatever you need in your home.

And because you’re shopping once a month- the company will reward you with Better, Safer products, at Wholesale, Delivered to your door.  This is easy, almost everyone we show this chooses to become a customer.

Your Second decision is “Do you want to supplement your income?”  And if you do, do you want to make a few hundred, few thousand, or tens of thousands.  Whichever you choose- Anyone can do it!

Let me tell you My Story….”  (Develop your personal story)..

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